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Keep me in your pocket

par Those Dancing Days
You shouldn´t be satisfied with silver
When you can have gold
I´ll never cling to you like she does
I don´t want to force you to take me home
Even your friend who looks like James Dean
Get´s pale when you´re around
I get panic when I think of
All those chances with you I never took
Did you get tired of me on the way?

And I know, and you know
You´ll never stay
I´ll never go

What if you knew how easy
You could have me now?
Come on I´m worth to struggle for

You´ve got too many groupies I have to fight
I wish I had just one to beat you up
Come on I´m worth to struggle for
Let´s chase some clouds together
Ride the rainbow with me
Try to catch a fox in space and
Keep it in your pocket
Under the surface stars are closer
Than you think

I know I should leave you out of my mind
But this train has gone too far
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