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Kill me quickly

par Thrice
Can we,
Can we kill each other quickly?
Quick enough so I won´t feel it?
A shot of strobe light anesthia
And I´ll be fine

´Cause I´m beginning to feel cold
My hands are shaking from fear,
White from clutching my pride,
Red from cutting you,
And blue from telling lies.

´Cause I´m sick of the stabbing,
I´m sick of the breaking,
I´m sick of the bleeding until we fall down,
Sick of this circle of death that we dance through
Again and again, just lay me in the ground.
Let´s fall asleep together,
Hold me darling ´cause I´m scared,
And I can´t do this alone.

But I need!
Your heartbeat
To haunt me,
Your cold lips to breathe,
A promise that, tomorrow
We´ll wake up somewhere new.
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