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A sight for sore eyes

par Tom Waits
Hey sight for sore eyes it´s a long time no see
workin hard hardly workin hey man you know me
water under the bridge didya see my new car
well it´s bought and it´s payed for parked outside of the bar

and hey barkeeper what´s keepin you keep pourin drinks
for all these palookas hey you know what i thinks
that we toast to the old days and dimagio too
and old drysdale and mantle whitey ford and to you

no the old gang ain´t around everyone has left town
´cept for thumm and giardina said they just might be down
oh half drunk all the time and i´m all drunk the rest
yea monk´s till the champion but i´m the best

i guess you heard about nash he was killed in a crash
hell that must of been two or three years ago now
yea he spun out and he rolled he hit a telephone pole
and he died with the radio on
no she´s married and with a kid finally split up with sid
he´s up north for a nickle´s worth for armed robbery

hey i´ll play you some pin ball hell you ain´t got a chance
well then go on over and ask her to dance
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