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I can't wait to get off work (and see my baby on montgomery avenue)

par Tom Waits
I don´t mind working, ´cause I used to be jerking off most of my time in bars,
I´ve been a cabbie and a stock clerk and a soda-fountain jock-jerk
And a manic mechanic on cars.
It´s nice work if you can get it, now who the hell said it?
I got money to spend on my gal,
But the work never stops, and I´ll be busting my chops
Working for Joe and Sal.

And I can´t wait to get off work and see my baby,
She said she´d leave the porch light on for me.
I´m disheveled and I´m disdainful and I´m distracted and it´s painful,
But this job sweeping up here is gainfully employing me tonight.

Well "Tom, do this" and "Tom, do that", and "Tom, don´t do that",
Count the cash, clean the oven, dump the trash,
Oh your loving is a rare and a copacetic gift,
And I´m a moonlight watch manic, it´s hard to be romantic
Sweeping up over by the cigarette machine,
Sweeping up over by the cigarette machine...

I can´t wait to get off work and see my baby
She´ll be waiting up with a magazine for me.
Clean the bathrooms and clean ´em good, oh your loving I wish you would
Come down here and sweep a-me off my feet, this broom´ll have to be my baby,
If I hurry, I just might get off before the dawn´s early light.
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