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I never talk to strangers

par Tom Waits
Stop me if you´ve heard this one
i feel as though we´ve met before
perhaps i´m mistaken
but it´s just that i remind you
of someone you used to care about
but that was long ago
do you think i´d fall for that
i wasn´t born yesterday
besides i never talk to strangers anyway

i ain´t a bad guy when you get to know me
i just thought there ain´t no harm
hey just try minding your own business
bud who asked you to annoy me
with your sad repartee
besides i never talk to strangers anyway

your life´s a dimestore novel
this town is full of guys like you
and you´re looking for someone to take the place of her
and you´re bitter cause he left you
that´s why you´re drinkin in this bar
well only suckers fall in love
with perfect strangers

it always takes one to know one stranger
maybe we´re just wiser now
and been around the block so many times
that we don´t notice
that we´re all just perfect strangers
as long as we ignore
that we all begin as strangers
just before we find
we really aren´t strangers anymore
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