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Just the right bullets

par Tom Waits
There is a light in the forest
There is a face in the tree
I´ll pull you out of the chorus
And the first one´s always free

You can never go hunting
With just a flintlock and a hound
You won´t go home with a bunting
If you blow a hundred rounds

It takes much more than wild courage
Or you´ll hit just the tattered clouds
You must have just the right bullets
And the first one´s always free

You must be careful in the forest
Broken glass and rusty nails
If you´re to bring back something for us
I have bullets for sale

Why be a fool when you can chase away
Your blind and your gloom
I have blessed each one of these bullets
And they shine just like a spoon

To have sixty silver wishes
Is a small price to pay
They´ll be your private little fishes
And they´ll never swim away

I just want you to be happy
That´s my only wish
I´ll fix your wagon and your musket
And the spoon will have his dish

And I shudder at the thought of your
Poor empty hunter´s pouch
So I´ll keep the wind from your barrel
And bless the roof of your house
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