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Lucky day overture

par Tom Waits
Ladies and gentlemen
Harry´s Harbour Bizarre is proud to present
Under the Big Top tonight
Human Oddities

That´s right
You´ll see the Three Headed Baby
You´ll see Hitler´s brain
See Lea Graff the German midget who sat in J.F. Morgan´s lap

You´ll see Priscilla Bajano
The monkey woman
Jo Jo the dog face boy
I´m Milton Malone, the human skeleton

See Grace McDaniel´s
The mule faced woman
And she´s the homeliest woman in the world

Under the Big Top tonight
Never before seen
And if you have a heart condition, please be warned

Don´t forget to visit our snack bar at Charleston Grotto
Al lsales are final
Void where prohibited by law

You´ll see Sealo the seal boy who has flippers for arms
You´ll see Johnny Eck, the man born without a body
He walks on his hands
He has his own orchestra and is an excellent pianist

See Gerd Bessler, the human pincusion
And don´t forget, it´s ladies´ night at Harvy´s Harbour Bizarre
You´ll see Ko Ko the bird girl
Mortando, the human fountain

Step a little
A little closer ladies and gentlemen and don´t be shy
Dig deep in your pockets

You´ll see Radion, the human torso
Deep from the jungles of Africa
Ladies and gentlemen, Harry´s Harbour Bizarre
Ladies and gentlemen
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