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Never let go

par Tom Waits
Well, ring the bell backwards and bury the axe
Fall down on your knees in the dirt
I´m tied to the mast between water and wind
Believe me, you´ll never get hurt
Our ring´s in the pawnshop, the rain´s in the hole
Down at the Five Points(1) I stand
I´ll lose everything
But I won´t let go of your hand

Well, Peter denied and Judas betrayed
I´ll bail with the roll of the drum
And the wind will tell the turn from the wheel
And the watchman is making his rounds
Well, you´ll leave me hanging by the skin of my teeth
I´ve only got one leg to stand
You can send me to hell
But I´ll never let go of your hand

Swing from a rope on a cross-legged dream(?)
Signed with One Eyed Jack´s blood
From Temple to Union, to LA and Grand
Walking back home in the mud(2)

Now I must make my best of the only way home
Molly deals only in stone
I´m lost on the midway, I´m reckless in your eyes
Just give me a couple more throws
I´ll dare you to dine with the cross-legged knight
Dare me to jump and I will
I´ll fall from your grace
But I´ll never let go of your hand
I´ll never let go of your hand
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