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The fall of troy

par Tom Waits
It´s the same with men as with horses and dogs
Nothing wants to die
Evelyn James they killed in a game
With guns too big for their hands
Just off St. Charles in No-Mans Land
And you´ll have to find your own way home, boys
You´ll have to find your own way home

The oldest was Troy, an eighteen year-old boy
Shot dead in March with a robbery
His brother started out to hell and to ruin
Troy´s killer was never caught they say
Young nick he just went bad that day
Now he´ll have to find his own way home, boys
He´ll have to find his own way home

Why cook dinner?
Why make my bed?
Why come home at all?
Out the door and through the woods
There is a world where nothing grows

It´s hard to say grace and to sit in the place
Of someone missing at the table
Mom´s hair sprayed tight
And her face in her hands
Watching TV for answers to me
After all she´s only human
And she´s trying to find her own way home, boys
She´s trying to find her own way home

My legs ache
My heart is sore
The well is full of pennies
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