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Virginia avenue

par Tom Waits
Well, I´m walking on down Virginia Avenue
Trying to find somebody to tell my troubles to.
Harold´s club is closing, and everybody´s going on home:
What´s a poor boy to do?

I´ll just get on back into my short, make it back to the fort
Sleep off all the crazy lizards inside of my brain.
There´s got to be some place that´s better than this
This life I´m leading´s driving me insane

And let me tell you I´m dreaming...

Let me tell you that I´m dreaming to the twilight, this town has got me down.
I´ve seen all the highlights, I´ve been walking all around
I won´t make a fuss, I´ll take a Greyhound bus, carry me away from here:
Tell me, what have I got to lose?

´Cause I´m walking on down Columbus Avenue
The bars are all closing, ´cause it´s quarter to two
Every town I go to is like a lock without a key
Those I leave behind are catching up on me,
Let me tell you they´re catching up on me, they´re catching up on me
Catching up on me, catching up on me, catching up on me.
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