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Whistle down the wind

par Tom Waits
I´ve grown up here now
All of my life
But I dreamed
Someday I´d go
Where blue eyed girls
And red guitars and
Naked rivers flow

I´m not all I thought I´d be
I always stayed around
I´ve been as far as Mercy and Grand
Frozen to the ground
I can´t stay here and I´m scared to leave
(Just kiss me once and then)
I´ll go to hell
I might as well
Be whistlin´ down the wind

The bus at the corner
The clock´s on the wall
Broken windmill
There´s no wind at all
I´ve yelled and I cursed
If i stay here I´ll rust
I´m stuck like a shipwreck
Out here in the dust

Sky is red
And there world´s on fire
And the corn is taller than me
The dog is tied
To a wagon of rain
And the road is as wet as the sea
And sometimes the music from a dance
Will carry across the plains
And the places that I´m dreaming of
Do they dream only of me?
There are places where they never sleep
And the circus never ends
So I will take the Marley Bone Coach
And whistle down the wind
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