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Apparition. apparitions.

par Trophy Scars
Let me start this from the end to beginning
that way the story has a happy ending.
Some details I can´t remember
but I know it all ends in late December.
Heartbroken Bobby picks up his phone;
he dials 911, there´s a body on his floor.
Her name´s Michelle - Michelle, his belle
appears to have drawn a knife on herself.
Bobby came in a moment before.
He heard screams and coughing through his front door.
Bobby was out buying flowers for her
cause he told her she´s crazy and he called her a whore.
Michelle was caught cheating with Bobby´s friend Dan.
Dan deals drugs so he´s got money and plans.
Bobby´s been cold so Michelle was upset.
Michelle loved him so much but Bobby couldn´t care less.
Bobby´s been working a lot more than he should.
Michelle kisses his cheek and says "It´s all good."
Bobby kisses her too and says there´s no one like her.
Michelle goes to school while Bobby´s at work.
They started to date three years before this;
a year and six months they shared an apartment.
Bobby didn´t care if he couldn´t afford it.
Michelle loved him so much - things were just oh so perfect.
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