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Talk is cheap

par Van Morrison
Kicked your gift-horse in the teeth
Crowd gathered round in the street
You killed your saviour new one can´t be found
Talk is cheap your saviour´s highway bound

You read the tabloids every day
They´re giving lots of things away
They went to build you up
So they can bring you down
Talk is cheap it´s gonna
Could make them a million pounds

Now baby don´t put your business on the telephone
Tell your girlfriend just to leave me alone
Tell her to watch her mouth before she talks to anybody anybody
Oh ´cos talk is cheap it comes with the territory

Sometimes it´s back-to-front sometimes it´s upside down
Put your money where your mouth is when you come around
Backbiters and syndicators walking from chinatown
Oh talk is cheap why don´t you lay your money down

Well they say you can´t shut up a god damn fool
Ain´t no exception to the rule
It´s blah, blah, blah, blah
Just like a nursery rhyme
Talk is cheap almost all the time

Yes, talk is cheap
Almost all the time
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