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The light that burns the sun

par Watain
Radiant Lucifer, Oh Phosphorous divine,
Who outshine all the stars
In the heavens and beyond.
Thou who art fallen,
And risen in the deeps,
In the gleaming halls of darkness
And forbidden mysteries.
By your vigour
And by your emerald phantasm,
Illuminated and in awe I stand
To curse all of the world.
Reborn beneath the Black Sun,
On my knees for none but thee,
Whose flames ignites the heavens,
And scorch them thoroughly.

Rising from the deeps of Urkaos.
Hovering in doom.
Black sun of dissolving fire,
By whose wrath the self of god shall die.
Bursting from its roaring surface.
Shining from the Serpent´s eye.
The Boundless Light that burns the sun.
The fire of the Fallen One.

God of Death primordial.
Flame of the unknown.
Mould my heart into a vessel,
And possess it as your own!
Make my torch into a furnace.
So that I can see the secrets clear.
Holy, radiant, silent.
A light so strong it bears the wrath of a god.

Rise! Oh Promethean Serpent of the underworld.
Ascend unto the highest,
Above the very thrones.
Breath unto the embers
That dwell within my heart.
For within them lies the key
To it´s perditionate reincarnation.

Awakened from it´s restless slumber.
My Daimon, unbound to reign.
As I walk beyond the grace of god
Into the roaring deeps arcane.
My eyes they burn as I behold
The wings of Lucifer unfold.
Transcending now into formation
To burn the sun and all creation.
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