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All for none and none for all

par Zebrahead
And a crooked hook in his stride
Walking wonderland
Are you taking me for a ride?
I know it´s on again
I guess some friends are hard to eye
I can´t deny
I can´t see why
Smell blood in the water so
Didn´t know how far things feel off track
You wanna string me up, let me hang slash to slack
Stab me in the back
Bail out
Go on
Bail out
Never was a friend of mine
Try and try and
Never turn your back cause they are right behind you
Lying down as you fall
All the true friends stab you in the front
And never take it bad
CAuse you have what they want
So all for none and none for all
And time are all we got
Dissecting lies and rumors in the thick of the plot
Cause you´re fucking up on purpose and that means a lot
These ties that rot
Come and take a shot
You really need it bad so
And what´s a bust is our trust is fading to black
´Cause the heart inside your chest beats eroded and cracked
Stab me in the back
Bail out
Go on
Bail out
You let me down
You´re jumping off the third floor
Trust is out the back door
What are these friends for?
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