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Put it on me

par Ben Harper
She eats nectarines with honey
spends her daddy´s money so easy
she cuts cherry pie
while she looks you in the eye
so easy
the innocent naiveté of
hairless cheek
the politics of generosity
make me weak

there´s an assassin out to get me
and they claim that
she´s never missed
the one with an ex-lover
whom she claims
to have never kissed
we turned at twenty paces
for love is a duel
and we stood still as stone
i can´t imagine that
this is in the best interest
of flesh and bone

i´ve been living in the city
for much too long
there´s a neon sign in my mind
flashing right and wrong
i can´t afford your company
i spent my money buying time
i was lost out in the desert while
you were busy swimming in wine

you put it on me
then left me lonely
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