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The country life

par Crash Test Dummies
Darling I´ve been thinking this one through
We´ve been fighting like cat and dog now here´s what we´ve go to do
This life in the city is killing the love that we one knew
We could be happy in the country

We would spend so many lovely days
We´d have chickens and cows and corn and whatever it is farmers raise
At breakfast each morning we´d fry up our own hand-picked eggs
We could be happy in the country

So let´s pack our bags up together
And we´ll be in the clear forever

We´ll just sit right back and watch while our crops grow
While we listen to gals like Kitty Wells on country radio
Weekends we´s two-step at some cowboy bar just down the road
We could be happy in the country

I know that the local folks will make us feel right at home
We´ll have homemade whiskey and ramble down country roads

And I would learn to ride on the rodeo
I´d have shiny boots and a cowboy hat so that nobody´d ever know
That we´d once been city folks that owned sporty cars and fancy homes
If we could just be in the country
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