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She can't love you

par Destiny's Child
Thou shall know she can´t love you

I saw your new girlfriend the other day
And I expected for her to be so much more than she was
I checked out her style the way she smiled, the way she moved
The things she said
The way she looked at me like i got your man

She can´t love you like I can
All of her love just can´t compare to what I have
She can´t touch you like I do
Cause when ya´ll touching, you pretend it´s me and you

1 - And there´s no way
Her love´s as good as mine
There´s no reason
For you to waste your time

When we were together you told me what you didn´t like
And you went out and got exactly that type
You said that your new girl is nothing compared to me
Everything that she does wrong
I always do right

She can´t hold you like I can
Boy you´re a fool if you can´t realize what you had
She can´t feel you like I can
Cause I´m a girl that´s always standing by my man

Repeat 1

There´s no way, there´s no way
That her love could be, could be as good as mine
There´s no reason, no reason
For you to even go and waste your time
Your time

Repeat 1 til end
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