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Condor ave.

par Elliott Smith
She took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue
And she locked the car and slipped past
Into rythmic queitude
Lights burning
Voice dry and hoarse
I threw the screen door like a bastard back and forth
The chimes fell over each other
I fell onto my knees
The sound of the car driving off made me feel diseased
A sick shouting like you hear at the fairground
Now I´m picking up to put away anything of yours that´s still around
I don´t know what to do with your clothes or your letters
It´ll make a whisper out of you

She took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue
The fairground´s lit
A drunk man sits by the gate she´s driving through
Got his hat tipped bottle back in between his teeth
Looks like he´s buried in the sand at the beach
I can´t think about you driving off to leave barely awake
To take a little nap while the road is straight
I wish that car had never been discovered
They took away the bottle and the hat he was under
That´s the one thing that he could never do
And it´ll make a whisper out of you

She took the oldsmobile out past condor avenue
Cops were running around the scene
Looking for some kind of clue
They never get uptight when a moth gets crushed
Unless a light bulb really loved him very much
I´m lying down
Blowing smoke from my cigarette
Little whisper smoke signs that you´ll never get
You´re in your oldsmobile driving by the moon
Headlights burning bright ahead of you
And someone´s burning out, out on condor avenue
Trying to make a whisper out of you

What a shitty thing to say
Did you really mean it?
You never said a word to me about what passed between us
So now I´m leaving you alone
You can do whatever the hell you want to
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