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par Flo Rida
[Chorus: x4]
I Don´t Want No Cake On My Birthday I Want My Cake Err Day Errday

I´m a Be Honest, Tomorrows Not Promised That´s Y I Say This,
Here Today Then Your Gone Like Renting A Car From Avis,
Hurts But It´s The Truth, Your Diving Out That Mercedes,
That´s Y I Be One Point, I´m Never Procrastinating,
U Better Be Dodging Satin The Pussy Nigga Be Hating,
Want His Cake And Eat It To, Then do U Greasy Like Bacon
Everyday Money Chasing, I´m So In Love With The Fragrance
So What I´m A Little Impatient, U Dope Man Ain´t Got No Patience,
Boy I Feel Like I´m Racing, Before I Become A Raisin,
Those Strippers Hotter Then Cajen, My Daily Be In Rotation,
The Daily Birthday Occasion, I´m Rarely Off Of Vacation
I´m Barely Owing The Nation The Nelly Dollars Are Raking

[Chorus x4]

I Ain´t Talking Next Year
I Ain´t Talking In A Month
I Ain´t Talking In A Week
Err Day I Wanna Stunt
Err Day I Want Sum Candles
Err Day A Hundred Bucks
Err Day I Pull Up In Lambo, Filet Minon For Lunch
Where My Birthday
U Got My Birthday
When My Birthday
U Better say My Birthday
I Get Emotional
That´s Wat C Notes Will Do
Them Penny Loafer Shoes, Help Me Cop A Bentley Coupe
Now My String Of Woman Hotter Then Cambells Soup
Boy That Cake Will Make Them Priests Turn Into Animals
I´m King Kong, And It´s Your Training Day
Denzel With The Ice And I´m Pushing Weight
I Ain´t Tryina Make Em All
I Ain´t Tryina Down Pay
If Biggie Got A Wife She Ain´t With Him Not Day
Ain´t Nobody Here To Stay
U Can Try To Get Away
I´ll Bounce A Nigga Prey
My Advice Still The Same Ayy

[Chorus x4]
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