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Missing harmony

par Joseph Vincent
Verse 1
I´m tryin to search, I haven´t found
that little bird who makes that sound
Who sings the songs in perfect harmony
I´ve tried some things that haven´t worked
I put my mind and soul to verse
Some day it´ll all add up and we´ll fly away
Still I ask myself

Why´s it such a mystery
why´s it feel so incomplete
just a couple things I need
Oh is your laugh, your love, your harmony
And I´ll sing along with my melody
an I will find you darlin´
I will find you dear....oh someday

Verse 2
Love´s like the wind it can´t be seen
unless its fin somewhere oh in between
you and someone else who makes your day
But nothing lasts for that long
enjoy the time you get to sing your songs
As fast as it just came it´ll float away
Still I ask myself


Someday she´ll come along
Just in time to sing your song
And it´ll all be great
we´ll let the love illuminate
we´ll let the love illuminate

Ending Chorus
It´s not so much a mystery
It´s starting to feel so complete
She gives me everything I need
oh her laugh, her love, her harmony
I´ll sing along with my melody
And I have found you darlin´
I have found you dear
ohhhhh todayyy
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