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Run day vouille

par Les Wriggles
- Hello!
- Hi!
- I´m gonna tell you my story
- Ouaiiiiis!

The sun shines, the sky is blue
The bird sings, I´ve got a run day vouille (Hey Hey!)
I walk on shit (proufch), no malheur (chfffffrrr... paff)
Cause I love you forever (Ha Ha!)
In front of the door, I ring the bell (Ding Dong!)
Rex the dog is here

"Why are you looking at me like that?
Rex, idiot, I´m not a cat!
- GGGRRRrrrrrr
- No Rex! It´s my shoes!
Be quiet, Rex, I´ve got a run day vouillle!
Be quiet, it´s my shoes, Rex please!
Rex, please, I´ve got a run day vouille!"

I heard someone walking to me
My heart is beating a... hurt (Poutchiou, Poutchiou!)
I have a look, it´s Daddy (Hello!)
With a gun (Crrrr Crrrr)

"But I´m not a rapper! (Poum Poum!)
I came to see your daughter! (Poum Poum!)
Hey, I´ve got a run day vouille!"

The sun is black and there is no sky
It´s strange but you´re an ange...
(Nia, nia niania, nia niania nia nia nia nia!!)
Nia Nia!
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