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Go round ('n round 'n round)

par Namie Amuro
Still like the way that you stay
On my mind when you leave
(My mind when you leave)
Still like the sound of your voice
On my answer machine
(On my answer machine)

* Doesn´t anyone notice
Doesn´t everyone see
Cause you know I can´t focus
Not when you´re next to me
By the way you don´t help it
By the way you don´t care
Cause you know I can´t shake it
Somehow I always want you there

** How many times
You gonna let me love you?
How many times
You gonna leave me hanging on?
How many times
We´re gonna let this go round
(´N round, ´n round, ´n round)

Tell me you need me then
Leave me to cry on my on own
(Why you doin´ that?
Hey, why you doin´ that?)
Tell me you love me then
Why aren´t you taking me home
(Come on take me, take me home)





How many times? X8
Go round, ´n round, ´n round
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