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Yo this is click-b we are all is b

par The Hong Kong Knife
Yo this is Click-B We are all is B
Yo friends the kiss friends

Uh I´m exhausted and I´m tired.. don´t worry, listen to me-
Happiness is at your fingertips. Kissing you..
Kiss friends

Even though our dreams are different
I´m going to make my dreams come true, yea
All of our minds are the same, Kiss friends

Just because it´s hard now, don´t ever get frustrated
Just like those people way in front of us who are taking it for us

Never forget it, until the very last moment
Don´t look back and run, all of us together

Never split up, we can make it all better!
Don´t get discouraged because I´m the one taking the pain.

Even if you fall a lot I won´t be disappointed in you
Don´t give it up, until the end, KISS friends

As much as there´s no choice in front of you
As wide as the sky is we´re going to proceed
Yell with strength, yo

You gota catch your dreams
Inside your fiery soul, keep your ambitions burning brightly
We have to keep our strength, you´re my girl

Either way, life will be hard
But even if a dark cloud comes like death we have to forget it all
We can´t throw away our hopes and dreams
We´re going to accomplish our dreams.

We´re going to win with this point in life

Don´t give it up and all for in come
We´re not going to fall
Our dreams are going to come true, KISS friends*

In this broad life
This chance that we´ve been given
If you fall down, uh, stand up again, we´re not going to look down upon you

Put your hands out, to the front, to the front, so that we can gain strength
Don´t hesitate, we´re going to win this
Even with this point in life we´ve won
We have accomplished our dreams now

* Repeat

Don´t be disappointed in life, stand up again
Until the last moment, we can´t forget
Don´t look at the tiring, hard aspects of life
Now look ahead into your life
Don´t ever think that you´re alone
Don´t be disappointed in life, embrace your dreams

* Repeat
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