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par Yellowcard
you´re gonna rip my heart out
Could you use a knife that´s dull
And rust in color
Once I die
There will be no way that you can cover
That scar. It´s hard, I know.
And if I get a little blood on, you
Finally the world will know you´re guilty
Know you´re wrong
Of taking everything you´re gotten from me
No heart. It´s hard, I know.

Mighty King of Avondale
I just can´t let this go
Real life ain´t no fairytale
I just thought you should know

And when you´re finished with the surgery, I
Really hope that you will turn to me, and
Tell me all about the fun you had
When you were cuttin up
You were cuttin up

Living like a fairytale
The Mighty King of Avondale
It all went to his head, this royalty
I stuck a knife into his back
Inventiveness is what I lack
He´s always hanging up on loyalty
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