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par Fuel
I wanna make her go, I wanna make her come
I wanna push her away
Don´t wanna feel no pain
Don´t wanna feel no shame
Don´t wanna feel this way
I´m so alone here
Why must I be
I´m the one she calls ozone baby
She waits alone for me to come down
But I want to fly like silly angel
Aim for the sky, straight into the sun
I wanna make her feel, I wanna make it real
I wanna give her away
She wanna keep me here
She wanna hold me dear
She wanna make me stay
She´s so alone here
She don´t need me
My sun, on you, burning, singe you
Confined inside, rot from my lies, sucker
I´ll only hold you down, I´ll only steal your crown
I´ll only make you cry
I´ll only break your pride, and eat you up inside
Why should you even try
I´m so alone here
Why must I be
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